Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising
Silent Cove. Chance Harbour NB - My back yard.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Alone Time On The Bay.

Finally. Me time. I've been craving some silence. Enough with the racket of life.  Now I can feel the silence. My ears are ringing. The surf is up tonight pounding the beach and yes some would say that was racket but, it belongs here. My window beside me is open and it feels good. The smells of the bay float in through the window, salt, seaweed and the smells of Spring. Some would say it's a stink but, it belongs here. I'm feeling a lot of gratitude in this moment. Immensely grateful to literally be in this spot where I sit. I could be anywhere on the planet but I am here. Where I am a very strong empath I not only absorb human energies but more so I do with nature, I feel the energies of my surroundings and that keeps me grounded.
One huge thing I'm grateful for when it comes to living here is in knowing that everything that belongs here will always be here. It is constant. It is a protected area and there is comfort in knowing that there will never be any highways, or development of any kind, not ever. It will remain untouched and retain it's raw, wild beauty.
I fit in here. For someone that doesn't like change this is the place for me. Well, far as where I live anyways. I need my home to always be familiar to me. For some people 'home' is just some place to hang your hat, eat your meals, lay your head. Some people don't care about their surroundings. Home for me is not so much about where I lay my head as it is about life itself. My home is my life. It's my safe place in the world. There are no surprises waiting for me. There is no fear of hurt or pain. There is only warmth and familiarity. My home is my nirvana. I have the forest to my back and the bay that stretches out in before me. I am surrounded by enough nature that I can get lost until I decide to be found. I feel safe and protected here. The land does that, the sky, the marsh, the beach, the cove and the spirits that walk these grounds. I feel at one with being here. I wonder to myself if other people feel as I do - connected to the land.  If it's possible for one to feel their destiny then this is my destiny, to be here. I feel that. It is an inner knowing.
As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning, alone, glancing out through the window into the darkened night I listen to the bay. She is restless tonight. She slams the beach with the rhythmic roll of her waves. She makes her presence known. And I hear her. I feel her. She has my attention.
The best therapy in the world is alone time with oneself. It clears out the cobwebs that collect when we are busy living life. My alone time is a benefit to everyone else in my life. It makes me more tolerant of others and their shortcomings. It just lightens the load of life outside ourselves. The things that we cannot control that do affect us. We are all  in need of balance in our lives and I believe that balance begins with oneself. We need to be our own best friend. Alone time brings us closer to ourselves. To know ourselves better. My balance lies in knowing that I am a part of this land and the land is a part of me. People may come and go in our lives but some things never change. I take comfort in that. I am my destiny.

To you dear reader. I hope that if you are lost that you will find your way. Get to know who you are and what you are all about. Be your own best friend. But most importantly become aware of the bigger picture of your life by connecting to the life force around you. It is larger than we are. Belong to it. This is my home. I belong.

You can always find me at the next high tide...