Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising
Silent Cove. Chance Harbour NB - My back yard.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My name is Scottie
and I'll need my pottie
to help me while I grow.

A little of water
and a lot of sun
will keep my healthy glow.

A few kinds words
just once a day
will keep me from the blues.

And in return
my growth will show
the love I had from you.

When spring arrives
with fresh rebirths
and newness all around.

That's when you'll pack me the truck
we'll be New River bound-
and there you'll gently take my pot
and plant me in the ground.

From there I'll grow
for years to come
a great majestic pine.

I'll feed the air
and home the squirrels
and you'll visit from time to time.

When the years have passed
and you are gone,
I'll never feel alone.

The music from your
grand-kids laughter
will make me feel at home.

My boughs will reach out for them
to wrap them in your love,
and tell them of the story
of their grand-mum up above.

They'll join their hands together
and dance their spirits free.

They'll sing the songs
of love and hope
         around Scottie the Christmas Tree.

A poem written many years ago for a dear friend at Christmas time. It was a paupers Christmas for me that year and I had wanted to give something special to my friend. So I seen this cute little potted pine tree with tiny decorations on it for sale. I purchased it but I felt that nice as it was, it was missing that special something. So I wrote this poem in scroll form, rolled it up and tied it with a red satin ribbon.

May the spirit of the Christmas Season bring you love, hope, peace and joy.

Until the next high tide